Forum Question: How to schedule tasks not based on time

Windows computers have a utility called task scheduler which allows you to, for example, execute a workflow every time a certain program is run. Do you know of any way of setting up triggers to execute workflows or open applications or files? Or of any software that lets you do that?

— Paul Bitutsky

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    9/8/10 @ 12:51 pm

    Have you checked into Growl? That might be what you are looking for.
    As for making a workflow run when an application runs, you could always use Automator to make an application that does what you want, while at the same time running the original application. Then replace that application in the doc with the new one you made that does both tasks.

    Paul Bitutsky
    9/18/10 @ 2:52 pm

    I have tried growl, but it only gives notifications. I have finally found the app that I was looking for! It is called Alarm clock pro.
    Thank You anyway.

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