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How To Search Keynote for Key Words?

I make lots of Keynote files on different topics and use them as flash cards. Sometimes I want to use the contents from one of the Keynote files I made, but cannot remember what file its located in so I wind up searching many files until I find the info I’m looking for. Does Keynote have a word search function for a file?
For example: I have a file for Marcus Aurelius quotes; the file contains over 100 slides of his quotes, but say I am searching quotes containing the word “virtue” is there a way to search of a word in that file?

The reason I want to use Keynote as a database to store information and also I use Keynote as sort of a flashcard study guide for facts, Greek philosopher quotes and vocabulary builder.
Vernon Fragnito

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    2 years ago

    Just use Edit, Find, Find (Command+F) while in a Keynote file. This will find any text in any text box in the document.

    Fragnito Vernon
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary!

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