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How To Set Timed Access Control Via Airport Utility?

Airport Utility (AU) v.6.3.9. in the Network tab, there is a section “Enable access control” with a button next to it “Timed Access control” wherein one can specify the MAC addresses and allot wireless access times. So this way, I can control Wi-Fi access of laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.
But how to do so for desktops or laptops that are connected to the Time Capsule router direct via ethernet cable (and don’t have or don’t use Wi-Fi connections)?
Also, on the same tab in AU, there is a button “network options” in which there are checkboxes for
1. Enable NAT port mapping protocol–what does this do? and
2. Enable default host at: (with field to enter IP, which for me was auto at The first I ‘checked’ when I setup Time Capsule router years ago based on recommendations on net.
The second I ‘checked’ yesterday, but that did not seem to have any impact/difference to the connection/speed etc.
Internet search didn’t yield any easily decipherable, non-jargon content.

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    2 years ago

    You can’t set Timed Access Control for wired connections. It is a function of the Wi-Fi network. If you want to do it, then disconnect the wires and use Wi-Fi for that device. Or, just use Screen Time on those devices instead.

    As for Port Mapping, that allows you to map services for a computer to a specific port. So mapping screen sharing coming into your network to a specific computer.

    If you really want to read up on all of the details, use the Help menu in Airport Utility and read the manual there.

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