Forum Question: How to share iPad Screen with projector

I’m desperate but I thought I would take a chance. What options do I have for the iPad 1 for sharing my iPad screen on a projector? There are many people who are just as perplexed as to why Apple left this feature out.
If you know some tricks or work arounds, I would appreciate it. I have Air Play and similar apps but they do not work for this function.

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    3/25/11 @ 8:00 am

    If you mean mirroring the screen, then none. There’s no way to do it. You’ll need to get an iPad 2, and then the HDMI or VGA adapter.
    Well, I have heard that it may be possible if you jailbreak it and install some software. But I’ve never looking into that.

      Timothy Brown
      3/25/11 @ 2:35 pm

      I figured that. Oh, well. I can’t afford the iPad 2, so I will stick to screen shots. Thanks

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