Forum Question: How To Stop Ebay Signing Me Out on MacBook Pro

Ebay (or my 13″ MacBook Pro) keeps signing me out when I move between Ebay pages. At best it happens when I try to add an item to my watched list or delete something. At worst, it simply won’t let me sign-in at all. It doesn’t say my username or password are invalid, it just keeps returning me to the Sign-In page.

This doesn’t happen when I access Ebay on any other computer, or on any other site I visit on my MacBook Pro.

Any ideas?

All suggestions most gratefully received!

— Tim Coward

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    8/12/10 @ 5:26 am

    Things I would try:
    Does it happen when you use another browser? Chrome? Firefox?
    Clear your browse cookies, and cache.
    Do you have any browser add-ons going, especially ones for ebay? Or any other ebay-orientred software running at all?
    Change your ebay password.

    Tim Coward
    8/13/10 @ 2:57 am

    Many thanks for the swift response Gary.

    I haven’t bothered with any other browser on this, my first ever Mac – such has been my newfound infatuation with all things Apple. I’m nine months in, and this has been the first problem of any sort.

    I use mainly Chrome and sometimes Firefox on the family PC, and Internet Exploder at work (not through choice!) and this Ebay problem has not arisen on any other computer I use.

    I’ve emptied my MacBook’s cache, cleared all cookies and changed my Ebay password, but to no avail. Don’t think I’ve any browser add-ons or Ebay-related extras (unless I’ve aquired them unknowingly.)

    Just downloaded Chrome, but it was unable to load a single page with it, so . . .

    Got me Firefox and bingo!

    Everything as it should be on Ebay! So many, many thanks for the solution. I’d still like to know what the Safari-specific problem is, but just for now you’ve saved my sanity. (And my family’s too.)

    Very best wishes, and keep up the good work on what is, IMO, comfortably the best Mac Resource in existence!

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