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How to stop Safari opening every time the computer opens

Before turning off the computer, I always quit all open programs including Safari.
But it is still open the next time the computer is turned on!
How do I stop this happening?
John McIntyre

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    10 years ago

    Check in your System Preferences, Accounts (Users & Groups), Login Items to see if you have Safari set to run after booting up each time.

    10 years ago

    Before putting your MAC to sleep or shutting down, next to the Apple icon at top-left of your screen, click “Safari.” In drop-down menu click “Quit Safari.” Then you might see other icons of programs like “Mail,” “Word,” etc. that you thought you’d closed by clicking the little red circle. Close those also. THEN they’re TRULY closed. Being a convert from PCs to Mac OS7 Lion, took a while for me to get used to not finding the “X” at top right of screen, and knowing the application was “closed” after “x-ing.” Lion wants to help you pick up where you left off — perhaps too much sometimes. If I’ve offended you with this post — my apologies. One really doesn’t know a users expertise reading Gary’s forum – just trying to help.

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