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How to Uninstall Google Chrome Browser

Just installed Google Chrome browser today to try it out, and didn’t like it at all! I want to uninstall it from my Mac OS X Snow Leopard–ASAP!! Haven’t imported bookmarks or anything else. Hope this is an easy process! Would appreciate any help! Thank you!

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    10 years ago

    For Chrome, and most applications, you uninstall by simply dragging it to the trash. So go to your Applications folder, find Chrome, and drag it to the trash like you would to delete any file.

      Richard Fuhr
      10 years ago

      For uninstalling some applications, I use AppCleaner, which occasionally finds additional files that are related to the app being uninstalled. AppCleaner tells you which files are going to be moved to the trash, so if you recognize ones that should be kept, you can refrain from deleting them. Does anyone have any comments about the pros and cons of using AppCleaner?

        10 years ago

        Cons: It costs something, it is yet another application you need to have, update and learn.
        Rarely do applications install something other than the application file itself. But I assume these “cleaner” programs also delete the preference files. You could use your Mac for 10 years and install and delete 1000 applications and those little preference files won’t amount to much. Not worth worrying about.
        And sometimes it comes in handy to keep the preference file around in case you change your mind and re-install the application later.

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