Forum Question: How to work with Keychain Certificates?

I’m a little confused to the exact use of the Certificate feature in Keychain Access. It looks important enough to want to now more about it. Do you have any midcoasts on this, Gary? Or could you summarise how it’s used?

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    8/5/11 @ 8:33 am

    Dhruv — what are you trying to do with them? What task do you wish to accomplish? Like a lot of features, you don’t just “use” them. You use them to…
    The only use I have for them is if you are an iOS developer and you need to set up your Certificate to follow the process of creating apps with the Apple developer site. But in that case I just follow their instructions for what is needed.
    So, if you have been asked to use Keychain to create a certificate for something, then just follow the instructions. Otherwise, there is no need to use it.
    Or, am I missing something.

    8/9/11 @ 3:19 pm

    Sorry, this stupid iOS autocomplete keeps messing around… not midcoasts; I meant vidcasts:-) Videos, basically, on mastering Keychain.

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