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How to write formulas in multiple cells in Numbers

I’m trying to write a formula in a cell in one sheet but I also want it to write the formula in the same cell in another sheet – using the other cells within THAT sheet within the formula rather than the one I am working on. I think it is called “drilling through”
For example if the formula in sheet 1 was
I want it to write in the selected cell in sheet 2
This is a simplified version but may give the picture.
Actually whilst you’re reading… I have a Master document which is a whopper of a spread sheet, and I am trying to make several smaller sheets which just pull out specific data and sort. As I add data/rows to the master document I want the smaller spreadsheets to update automatically. If anyone has an easy way to do this then I’m all ears!…
Thanks in advance

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    9 years ago

    That can be done, yes. To get the formula right, just use the cursor instead of typing. So go to the cell in sheet 2 and type =, then just to sheet one and click A2, then type +, then click B2. That enters a formula in sheet 2 of:
    =Sheet 1 :: Table 1 :: B2+Sheet 1 :: Table 1 :: C2
    As you can see it is easier to create the formula by clicking that by typing.
    If you want to have cells in other sheets mirror the data in the first sheet, then use formulas that contain just a reference to that cell, like:
    =Sheet 1 :: Table 1 :: B2
    But perhaps you should think in terms of multiple tables instead of multiple sheets if these tables are small.
    See episode 258:

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