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How View System Storage Usage On a MacBook Pro?

System storage takes over 100G of “space” on my laptop!
Everything updated to the latest version.

Apple store genius(es) cannot help with this……
Peter Markesteyn

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    5 years ago

    That's not an unusual amount. But where are you seeing this? Where does it show that "System Storage" takes 100GB?

    To investigate and figure out what you have, you can always go to Apple Menu, About This Mac and click on Storage. Then click Manage Storage. Wait a few minutes for it to recalculate everything as the numbers could be old.

    You can also go to the top level of your drive in the Finder and look in your System folder and also the Library folder. There is a lot in there. You can get info on any folder (Command+i) or use List view and View, Show View Options and turn on Calculate Sizes to see the sizes of the folders. You've go to play detective and figure out where the most storage is used.

    Audio and video editing apps keep a lot of things in the Library, Application Support folder. There are also caches and the like that will use available space and then use less space as you run out. Local Time Machine snapshots will also use space, but only if you have space to spare. And if you do, there is no harm letting caches and snapshots use that space. Empty space doesn't do anything for you and good use of that space from macOS helps to speed up your system and prevent problems.

    Peter Markesteyn
    5 years ago

    Yes, that is what I did when receiving notification that my hard drive on my 2-year-old MacbookPro only had 15 Gfree space left: "Apple Menu, About This Mac and click on Storage. Then click Manage Storage".

    I deleted files from documents and programs etc. That gave me more space, but the system still demands about half the Hard drive's space.

    The Apple folk at the store looked at this and informed me that "Apple was aware of this and (hopefully) would correct it.

    Paula Ross
    5 years ago

    I am having the same problem as Peter. I have a time machine for backup storage and I pay for extra iCloud storage. But it still is telling me I am running out of space. I keep deleting stuff. Very frustrating.

    5 years ago

    Could it be that you are leaving Time Machine turned on in System Preferences when you unplug your external back up disk? Our Apple Genius informed a person that was why her laptop was full as she did not turn off Time Machine when she unplugged her external disk causing Time Machine to back up everything once every 24 hours to her laptop.

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