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HP Printers not working with Airport in SL 10.6.x

Since upgrading to SL 10.6 and now 10.6.1, I am unable to print to my HP Laserjet 1012 printer when connected to my wireless airport network via either an extreme or express base station. I detect the bonjour printer and supplied driver when creating the printer but receive a communication failure when attempting to print. Using the Gutenprint driver allows me to print once but then must reset the wireless base station as the printer is permanently paused. Printer/driver works fine when attached directly to USB on iMac and shared with all users on network but this is not the way it should be and prefer not to have a cable running across the room. :-)

Call to Apple support: Apparently they are working on this issue of some HP printers not working with any wireless router devices under 10.6. I was told to look for upcoming updates. Also discovered that they do not actually test any of the third party drivers, they take it on faith that they work. hmmm…

Hoping that someone else may have found a better answer.

— Kenneth Smith

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    13 years ago

    Apple doesn't test 3rd-party stuff like that because it would be quite a task! We'd probably still be at Mac OS X 10.2 if they did. But what they do is to provide developers with early versions of new OSes. Snow Leopard has been around for testing for 18 months! So HP should have tested their printers and drivers a long time ago and should have had this under control.
    I wouldn't have called Apple support myself, I would have called HP. You should try that to see what they say.

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