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HyperMac batteries

I have the new 15″ MacBook Pro requiring the new Apple 85W power adapter, will Hyper battery work on my 15 MBP? Will their car charger work?

If you have one, what do you think of their pricey batteries? I am thinking of getting either the 100Wh (1.6 lbs) or the 150Wh (2.4 lbs). I love the 222Wh but it’s 4.7 lbs. Which one would you get? Is there a sweet spot or it’s pretty proportional between price and battery capacity.

— TM

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    10 years ago

    I don’t know as I don’t have any of those products.
    What do they say on their Web site? If they don’t say, why not email them? I’d imagine they would know.
    Curious: why do you need this anyway? 7-10 hours of battery life not enough? Will an external battery really extend the runtime of a MacBook Pro enough to justify carrying around the extra weight? Interested to hear what circumstances would justify the expense and weight.

    10 years ago

    Was in their site no email for questions, would have to set up an account to buy in order to communicate with them.

    At a full charge according to MBP time indicator I only get 4.5 hours. I believe 7-10 (theoretical) applies to the 13″. I’d only carry it on airplanes or when working on

      10 years ago

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you get way more than 4.5 hours on the new 15-inch MacBook Pro. The estimate has to do with how you are using it right that minute. It would adjust if you started using less — try adjusting your settings toward battery conservation in the system preferences.

    10 years ago

    I know it will be a long day working on the go. It would be nice not to hunt for an outlet and just sit anywhere at a Starbucks etc. :)

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