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I Need Help With Photos Organization, Storage, and Viewing Them On Mac

Just copied my photos from my Windows Laptop to my New Macbook Air (First time using MacOS). In windows, I would have all my photos organized by folders within the Pictures section of File Explorer. However, in Mac, when I go to the Pictures section in Finder, Im presented with Photobooth Library and Photos Library. So what I did was I made a new folder called Pictures and then copied all my photos into that subfolder. (Im not sure if that’s the correct way to do it).

However, when I go to the Photos App, and Import the files, I’m not sure I am doing it right. I’m so used to Windows where I use file explorer for the storage of photos and the Windows Photos App to simply look at the photos. In MacOS, to see the photos, I have to import them in. So what I am asking is how to correctly, store, import and view my photos on Mac OS the correct way, since I soon want to pair my iPhone with it and Im not sure if these iPhone photos go into Finder or the Photos App.

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    3 years ago

    So when you import the files into the Photos app, it copies them to your Photos app library. So you don't need the files anymore. Usually, you would import files from your camera or phone, so you'd never have a file in the first place. At least not one you see.

    You can use iCloud to make sharing the photos between your Mac and iPhone effortless. If you turn on iCloud Photos library then any pictures you take on your iPhone will automatically show up on your Mac. And all your photos would be available on your iPhone too. You don't haver to do anything, iCloud just takes care of it.

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