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I Would Like My Own Personal Apple ID. Will I Lose My Apps?

I currently share my dads Apple ID on my iPod touch and I want my own Apple account.
Will i lose my music, photos, apps and settings?
(my photos and music are backed up to my computer)

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    7 years ago

    You won’t lose them. But they are not yours.
    The apps should remain on your iPod touch, unless you do something to delete them. But they are “owned” by your dad. So to update them, you may need to occasionally enter your dad’s Apple ID and password, since they belong to that account.
    Basically, what you would have is the same situation as two people in the same house using iTunes Home Sharing. With Home Sharing, you can grab apps from each other’s iTunes accounts on Macs and PCs running iTunes. Then sync those to your devices. But each copy of iTunes must be “authorized” with the other Apple ID.
    So the answer is kind of in the middle. You won’t lose those apps, but you will still need that other Apple ID password to update them.
    Another aspect is saved server data. If the app saves data to a server using your Apple ID — like Game Center apps — then I think that switching Apple IDs in Game Center will cause you to lose your data. So games that have saved game states or high scores and achievements will not retain your data when you change your ID in Game Center. Which makes sense, because it would currently be your dad playing those games, not you, at least according to Game Center. Other games use custom ways to log in, or Facebook, and those won’t be affected by your change of Apple ID.

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