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iCloud and iCal Events Not Working

Hey Gary, my wife and I been using MobileMe for about two years now. We both recently migrated MobileMe to iCloud. Everything is up to date and turned on with iCloud. The Mac is up to date and iCloud is on with every feature turned on. The iPhones are running iOS 5 with iCloud on too. Mine is ok in every aspect and so is my wife except for her iCal event. They all just not there. I tried turning off and back on. The events are on the Mac, they just won’t sync to iPhone. Any suggestions?

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    12 years ago

    Have you checked in iCal's preferences? Look for the accounts there and check to make sure you have only an iCloud calendar. Or, if you have more than an iCloud calendar there, then note which one is the iCloud one and make sure you are adding the event in that calendar.
    It is easy to have multiple calendar accounts and be adding events to the wrong one.

    12 years ago

    I did check iCal's preferences and see iCloud. I hate to delete it than try to reactivate. I guess what I will do us have her back up all her iCal events. Delete iCloud and than reactivate and import. What u think?

      12 years ago

      Yes. Try that. But you won't really be deleting anything. You are just disconnecting from iCloud, and then re-connecting. The data is "in the cloud."
      Just do this with iCal first. Remove the calendar and add it back again.

        11 years ago

        I used to click on a day and a new event box appeared, there I selected the hour the canledar . Now the box does not show. The only way to add an event is clicking + and writing day & hour. What am i doing wrong?

          11 years ago

          Nothing. Just write the day and hour (more or less, if you want) to create the event. Then click on it in the calendar to edit further.

    12 years ago

    I've done what you suggested. I have only the iCloud calendar. Next step is to remove the calendar and reinstall. How do I do that?

      12 years ago

      In iCal preferences, under accounts, remove the iCloud calendar. Then add it back again.

    Elaine Evans
    11 years ago

    Hi Gary
    I have recently had to buy a new MacBook Pro (my old one was stolen) and I turned everything on in iCloud on the MacBook and on my iPad and iPhone too.

    I have lost every event on all 3 items, and I don't know how to restore them, or how to turn off iCloud having restored them so that I only use WiFi sync. I don't trust iCloud any more!

    Can you point me in the right direction, please?


      11 years ago

      Hard to say without seeing it first-hand, but it sounds like maybe those calendars were not iCloud calendars at all -- but simple "on my Mac" calendars. That would fit you description. So they weren't syncing to iCloud at all, just from your Mac to your devices. That would explain it.
      If they were iCloud calendars, you would see them at
      When you create a new calendar, you are given the option of "On my Mac" or iCloud. But if you had these calendars before iCloud existed, and never started a new iCloud calendar instead, then that would be it.

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