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iDVD Functionality

i got a movie i open the folder and it plays in i movie but i need to burn dvd to have more copies if play in idvd the movie is played but i cannot forward or rewind it . pls help

— nirja

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    11 years ago

    Not sure what you mean. You can’t forward or rewind it AFTER you burn a DVD? That would be a function of the DVD player. I’ve never seen a video not rewind or forward on a DVD player that is functioning properly.

    11 years ago

    no i am still to burn the dvd but when i play the movie in idvd in my mac i am not able to forward or rewind it

      11 years ago

      No sure what mode you are looking at it in iDVD. But it should allow you to forward and review in the full preview mode. Of course if you have an older Mac, it will be slow since it has to simulate a DVD on the fly. Try burning a DVD and using it in a DVD player to really test it.

    10 years ago

    still haven’t burn a cd or dvd cause i am afraid. i upgraded to snow leopard.

    Bob Earp
    9 years ago

    Gary, have you produced a “how to” video on iDVD apart from your “Quick ways to build DVD’s with iDVD” ?

    There seems to be a significant lack of a good tutorial for iDVD out there.

    Tnx, Bob…

      9 years ago

      There are many problems with creating iDVD tutorials. First, there is the huge variety of themes, many with different functionality. So one tutorial would help only people wanting to use that one theme, in many cases. Plus, it is a deep tool, so creating one tutorial on one topic wouldn’t be enough. You’d need a dozen or so to really cover the topic.
      And than add to that the fact that iDVD is fading into obsolescence. There isn’t even a way to get it anymore. This goes along with the fact that DVDs are standard def and old technology and online sharing is more common now. I think if I were to do iDVD tutorials I should have done them 3 years ago. No point now.
      But iDVD is a fun and easy tool to learn. You learn by experimenting. So open it up and play around with it.

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