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If My Calendar Is In the Cloud, Is It Not Always On My Devices?

You say that calendars and such are not synced between devices but rather they are stored on iCloud’s servers and simply accessed by iDevices. Does this mean that if I’m in airplane mode, or if I am in a dead zone with no cellular signal or wifi access, that I will not have access to my calendar, for example, on my iPhone?

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    10 years ago

    Well, yes and no. You can still see the data on your device as it was last cached. But you can’t update it beyond that device.
    Like you may have been used to using email for years.
    You can create a new event, for instance, but that event can’t go to the iCloud server until you connect to the Internet again. So it won’t go to your other devices until you are connected either.

      10 years ago

      Okay, good. I was afraid I would click on iCal and just get a blank screen or something.

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