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iMac Before 2020, macOS Monterey Update, What Should I Do?

Monterey OS has come out, I have an iMac from 2019, with the Intel chip in it. I was told my a “Mac Expert” to absolutely not update the OS to Monterey based on the fact that I have the Intel Chip and not the New Mac chip (don’t know the name). If I update to Monterey will this in fact create problems (of incompatibility with various problems, apps etc.) ?

Not sure about the Monterey Update based on the fact I have an iMac from 2019 which has the Intel chip in it. For those of us who are just end-users and go more by rumor than fact, I would like to know your opinion on this Monterey OS update if you have an iMac from before 2020.
Joe Russo

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    3 years ago

    To put it bluntly, what that export said is ridiculous. Monterey is not just for the M1 chip. You have a fairly new Mac from only 2 years ago. My Mac Pro is from the same year and I updated immediately. Why not take advantage of all of the new features and improvements of Monterey that you paid for when you bought your Mac.

    If you have some critical app you use that you want to make sure works in Monterey before you update, then check with that app developer. But I haven't heard of any issues with any major apps. Catalina to Big Sur was a big under-the-hood change, but Monterey is basically building new features on top of Big Sur and shouldn't affect third-party apps.

    Sharon Saccocci
    3 years ago

    What’s the oldest year on a MacBook or iMac that can get the update for Monterey

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