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iMovie 09 Saving to External Drive

I have imovie 09 and when i try to input my new video project ( which is a big project) it won’t let me select my external bigger drive.
When i click on save to it won’t give me a choice it always defaults to the Mac pro internal harddrive.
I checked the settings and i don’t know how to change the default settings.

— Peter Lelievre

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    10 years ago

    Not sure what you are trying to do. There is no “Save” in iMovie. Projects are automatically saved to your Movies folder in your home folder. So you don’t have a “Save” command.
    Do you mean Export? (Share, Export Movie)? If so, that just gives you a regular file dialog and you can navigate anywhere on your file system to export the movie.

      Peter Lelievre
      10 years ago

      Hi Garry
      Here is my problem, I’m trying to import avchd video clips from my memory stick into imovie 09.
      i can see and play the clips from my flash drive plugged into my usb port but my Mac laptop doesn’t have a room on the internal harddrive. so from the import menu it says save to at the top of the screen.
      The default says Mac hd 7gb free and i have more tha 7 gb
      why can’t i click on the drop down menu to select and external drive?

    10 years ago

    Ah, so you are trying to import a video into iMovie, not “save” it, correct. All imported video is saved into an “Event” — look at the bottom left and you should see an Event Library. You’ll need to create an Event there that is on another drive. Play around with the Event Library interface to understand how that works.
    With an Event created on another drive, you won’t need as much space on your internal.
    But, you’ve got another problem if you only have 7GB left on your internal drive. You really want to free up some more space as performance will suffer.

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