Forum Question: Imovie responding slow:could beat markers,effects etc slow down imovie?

first of all,thank you macmost. I did what you suggested about experimenting with beat markers, and now I have it better under control.
But when I use in a four minutes long project, a lot of beat markers(120) and of course videos/fotos/effects, in some clips even slow motion or fast forward, my imovie11 is getting slow, not responsive almost stuck, when I work with this particular project.
Now my question is: is it because the many features in this project? Or maybe because my mac cant handle so much at once, is there a way to fix this issue?
My mac OS X is not even 4 months old, prozessor 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 500Gb, version 10.6.6, with imovie11.
Fulvio Marino

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    1/11/11 @ 6:23 pm

    The more effects and features you throw on to an iMovie project the more work you Mac has to do processing the real-time preview that you are seeing. For instance, showing video is the simplest. Then add a title. Then add a speed change. Then add a transition. Then add an effect. Etc. Eventually you will start to see performance suffer.
    Keep in mind that just a few years ago the idea of a consumer machine handling even simple standard definition video editing was out of the question.
    Try quitting all other applications and maybe a restart to see if that helps, at least for a little while. But it does sound like you are pushing the limits of your Mac and iMovie.

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