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I am quite new to iMovie and have been a PC person for far too long. I now have a MacBookPro and just recently bought a MacPro. I have done a couple of DVD’s in iMovie and feel that I am somewhat limited with the titling and the themes that are available. Even though easy to use, the availability of additional features would be great even if I had to purchase them.
I have used Cyberlink Power Director which has a download page with additional themes, titling etc. Are there any for iMovie 11, which I have on the Pro.
Any help or direction would be appreciated, as I have Googles themes and can only find plugins for iMovie 6.
Thank you
Joe Sandusky

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    7/16/11 @ 9:41 pm

    There are no third-party (or even first-party) extensions to iMovie. The idea is that it is a basic video editing program that almost anyone can use. So they try to keep the complexity down.
    The themes are few, but I don’t even use them at all.
    There is actually a lot you can do with the titles.
    As an example, see episode 491:
    In addition. there are a lot of things you can do with picture-in-picture to create overlays and such. And you can use Keynote to make interesting titles and such. See episode 134: for some examples.

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