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iOS6 for iPad 3 – YouTube App Not Available

I downloaded iOS6 today and of course lost the youtube app. I thought I could download the google youtube app from the App Store but there was not one there. Is google working on an app for the iPad with iOS6?
Bill Dempsey

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    12 years ago

    Yes. There is an official YouTube app. Just search for it in the store. Note that it is an "iPhone" app, not an iPad app. I assume that is just because Google was in a rush to get it out and it will soon be "universal."
    But for now, you can install the YouTube iPhone app and press the x2 button and it works great. Here is a link: Official Google YouTube app.

    John M. Hammer
    12 years ago

    You can also go to for the Mobile Safari version of YouTube. It works very well, and will take full advantage of the iPad's screen size.

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