Forum Question: iPad on airplane

How do I watch netflick,get email,play games on airplane?
Gail barzman

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    8/5/11 @ 8:26 am

    You can do this if you are on a flight that offers in-flight wi-fi. Then just follow their instructions to connect to the service.
    I’ve been on a few. I’m not sure that the connection is good enough for watching streaming video with Netflix. Fine for email, though.
    For movies I usually rent from iTunes from home before going on the trip. The movie gets downloaded to your iPad and you can start it on the plane when you have no connection.
    As for games, well it depends on the type of game. You can buy and download games from sites (or the Mac App Store) and you can play them offline. Of course if they are online games you’ll need that wi-fi connection. But I doubt the wi-fi on a plane is fast enough for hard-core online gaming.

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