Forum Question: iPad/iPhone screen recording

Hi Gary, just want to know how to record my iPhone screen without pointing a camera at my phone in my hand. Is this possible? Same with my iPad

— Will Galloway

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    9/21/10 @ 6:13 pm

    Yes — but you have to be Steve Jobs. He gets modified devices and that’s how he does his presentations. But for the rest of us, we’ve got to point cameras at our screens.

    Roger Matthews
    10/6/10 @ 12:05 pm

    I don’t want to jailbreak which might solve the problem of showing the interface. Pointing a camera at the ipad screen results in blurred screens when projecting. Do you have a web cam type camera you like for doing this. I found one at which might work well for this. Any thoughts?

      10/6/10 @ 12:33 pm

      A “web cam” would be lower quality, usually, than a nice HD cam — even a consumer one. I don’t think that would solve it. You need something that has the ability to set manual focus, so you can get the best quality. But it is still going to not be as good as if we could really capture the screen.

    Veil Break
    10/11/10 @ 3:16 am

    Try VNC+Veency to remote your iPhone screen on laptop and use screen recorder to make screencast.

      10/11/10 @ 6:36 am

      Note: Veency is for jailbroken iPhones.

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