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when will be release unlock and jailbreak for iphone 3gs with baseband 05.12.01, version 3.1.3? my iphone stuck in the emergency slide screen, showing usb cord connected with itunes and there is a lock sign above? what does it mean ..lock sign? what i need to do first jailbreak or unlock? it happen when i update new version of from itunes now i cannot use anymore?

— vesh

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    4/29/10 @ 8:21 am

    It sounds like you need to reset/restore your iPhone from iTunes. I don’t understand if you have unlocked it and/or jailbroken it before. If so, then trying to update it using Apple software probably disabled the phone.
    Your message is a little confusing, so I’m not sure what you are asking. If you iPhone is stuck, then try restarting it. If it doesn’t restart, then restore it from an iTunes backup, If that doesn’t work, then restore it to a clean system. If that isn’t working, then take it to an Apple store. (you have a warranty).

      12/6/10 @ 9:02 pm

      hi, i have a friends old iphone while i get my 3g fixed. its stuck on the connect to itunes screen but its hacked on to tmobile and i want to leave it like that. how do i do it without having to unlockk it again to tmobile?

    4/29/10 @ 9:39 pm

    actually before my iphone is 3.0 and i updated the new version from itunes 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.01, after i updated my iphone works like ipod. somebody told me that if you restore it from itunes then it will be reback to factory settings , so i did restore from itunes and now my iphone shows a usb connected with itunes and there is lock sign above. please help me i am here in northern mariana island saipan, here is no apple store in this island.

      4/29/10 @ 9:48 pm

      it sounds like it is the sort of problem where someone needs to take a look at it. since it is a 3gs i know it must be less than a year old, so it is still under warranty. I’d call Apple, or the reseller you bought it from, and see about sending it in.

    4/29/10 @ 9:48 pm

    can you tell me what i can do first jailbreak or unlock. i heard Spirit jailbreak and unlock is coming for iphone 3.1.3 , is this real? am i able to solve my problem with this or not?

    4/29/10 @ 9:57 pm

    i will appreciate if you call for me to apple store and find out the solution. i already told you that here in this island there is no single apple store. i bought this iphone with somebody now the guy who ordered from us is not here anymore. i am in big problem now. please help me.

      4/29/10 @ 10:00 pm

      I’m sorry, I can’t help you beyond providing useful advice. You have to contact Apple yourself if you want support from them. I cannot do it for you.

    4/30/10 @ 4:16 am

    thanks for your advice. how can i know i have warranty or not because i bought with a third person. can you provide me a email address or contact number of apple store so that i can tell them my problem of iphone. thanks a lot

    5/23/10 @ 12:28 pm

    somebody said i need original simcard to open my iphone to access home screen. is it true? what is hacktivation? when i check my hardware serial no of my iphone in , i still have warrenty until september. i m here from saipan.

      5/23/10 @ 1:09 pm

      I have a few old iPhones around that work without a sim card. Well, they don’t connect to anything but wifi, but they work. Why don’t you just try it? Pop the sim card out and see what happens.
      But why do you want to do this anyway. If you have a sim card, why not use it?

    7/12/10 @ 5:15 pm

    You need to put your iphone in DFU mode than downgrade to 3.1.2 then run blackra1n rc3 to jailbreak this will get rid of the emergency screen. You cant run the jailbreak on 3.1.3 only spirit can but you cant use spirit because you are stuck on emergency screen. You cant even use any other jailbreaking softwares like redsnow because your stuck on emergency screen.
    If you need any questions on this thing feel free to ask me.

      7/23/10 @ 2:33 pm

      i have an iphone 3gs 3.1.3…
      i rset all settings on my iphone… it got stuck on apple logo…plz help me….

        7/23/10 @ 2:34 pm

        Take it to the Apple Store or an Apple shop.

      10/16/10 @ 9:53 am

      dood i need help because i jailbreak my iphone 3gs and it works but than i tried to download something from cydia. it told me to restart springboard than i did but it just keep loadin to restart the springboard for days so i just restarted it and now its stuck with the connect to itunes and the emergency screen so i need help!!!
      u reckon i should i try ur thing of downgradin it to 3.1.2 because my one is on 3.1.3 i think and whats DFU??????

        10/16/10 @ 10:48 am

        Don’t know how to advise you there. Restore the phone through iTunes and start over again is probably your best option.

    7/14/10 @ 5:13 am

    I have iphone 3gs 16 ggs, it was on 3.1.3 version and i have updated it to the new version 4.0 and i couldnt jailbreak or unlock it, i tried to downgraded it but suddenly I had an emergency call screen…im stuck please I need assistance.

      7/14/10 @ 7:43 am

      Read the advice on this page in the comments for some ideas. Or, take it to a shop that can work on it for you.

    8/12/10 @ 6:16 am

    I have a 3G on 4.0 and the redsn0w wont get past the “waiting to reboot screen”. I can’t get it to downgrade either. Any ideas?

    8/12/10 @ 6:37 am

    I’d reset it and restore from a backup. Or, take it in to the Apple Store Genius Bar.

    10/7/10 @ 7:14 pm


      10/3/11 @ 11:33 am

      hey , maybe , i’m too late to respond to your question but it will help somebody else.
      I just had torestore my Iphone on Itunes but didn’t work, so I downloaded redsnow on my computer and put CYDIA on my Iphone , couple minute after , i t was working like before !
      Hope this will help you , Have a good day

    10/7/10 @ 7:15 pm


      10/7/10 @ 7:21 pm

      I would just reset the phone. Hook it to your computer and run iTunes. Select the phone and go through the process of restoring it.
      Or, you could just go to an Apple Store and have them do it for you at the Genius Bar.

    10/24/10 @ 4:04 pm

    just bought an iphone and they upgraded to 4.1 i tried to jailbreak it and it messed everything up. i’m now stuck on a a pic with itunes and it says no sim card installed insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate iphone. i tried to hold the home and sleep button doesn’t work. it has all these weird language?? can’t get out of this! It happen right after i tried to restore on itunes. HELP???

      10/24/10 @ 5:34 pm

      Try restoring it from scratch in iTunes. You should be able to do that. If you can’t, then taking it into Apple is your only option.

    11/9/10 @ 8:04 am

    i have i phone 3gs 32GB on 4.0.1 locked to Telstra network, when i switch it on with my Optus sim card i’m stuch on a pick with itunes and it says no sim card installed insert a valid sim with no pin locked to activate iphone. i tried jailbreak it with limera1n but it wont go past the itune icon, please help???

      Erica S.
      12/9/10 @ 6:57 am

      I had the same problem when I bought an American phone (previously locked into AT&T) in Bangkok. The seller had “jailbreak”-ed it so I could use my Thai AIS SIM card (unbeknownst to me). Everything OK until I downloaded iTunes upgrade from 4.0 to 4.0.2 then my phone locked up with iTunes logo telling me to plug in and a resultant “the SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported”. After several days of heavy research, trying this and that which didn’t work, I was able to come up with the following:
      i) All iPhones are locked into a telcom in the country where sold, and if you put a different SIM card in it will lock up.
      ii) If you download iTunes update after sim card switch, Apple actually locks you out (Apple’s way of trying to keep ahead of the “unlockers”/hackers.) So all you can do is put the original SIM card in, or borrow one off a friend who also uses Telstra, to re-register it. Then click Restore off iTunes Devices bar. If that works, then all you got to do is jailbreak/unlock it. An excellent product is available from – excellent reviews. I’m just waiting for their reply to some of my questions (yes, you can actually “talk” to them!) before I download their software.
      ii) Another blogger said you can buy a “Universal Activation SIM card” (Deal Extreme have them on eBay) which works anywhere in the world. I have yet to investigate this alternative.
      If you buy a phone internationally and want to check which country your iphone is registered to (a good idea before you even buy), and check your warranty, you can go to:, Just enter the Serial No. on the back of the box it came in and if there aren’t a lot of little coloured icons to click onto then it’s not registered from that country (i.e. hacked/jailbreaked).
      The bottom line is: “NEVER download an iTunes update if you have an unlocked phone!”

    12/24/10 @ 8:35 pm

    I got stuck in apple logo iphone 2G, then I was DFU to restore it.. It’s detected on itunes, but when the proccess running, my iphone reboot when 80% restore proccess.. but in itunes it’s all complete restore. Then my iphone reboot and in itunes said that the iphone will reboot back to factory setting..
    on itunes, my iphone detected fine, it’s said that it need SIM Card, I use AT&T and it’s work fine like register AT&T. BUT my iphone is still stuck in apple logo. How to fix it.?

      12/25/10 @ 12:21 am

      I would contact support at either Apple (best bet) or AT&T.

    4/26/11 @ 3:43 pm

    my iphones stuck on emergency call i changed the sim card but it’s still stuck on slide for emergency….
    do u think that jailbreaking would help??????
    or any other options

      4/26/11 @ 3:53 pm

      I’d call support. Either Apple or AT&T.

    6/4/12 @ 5:49 pm

    My iphone 3gs also stuck on slide emergency call only.this is what show in the morning when I woke-up but I think it fall down to where I put it. is not jail break phone.I turn it off, remove simcard put it back again but still nothing happened I stucked on emergency call.. please help me what to do Iam not a tekkie guy.. is there any buttons to long press to restore it factory settings..

      6/4/12 @ 6:46 pm

      You need to connect it to your Mac or PC and use iTunes to do a restore. Or, just take it to the Apple Store.

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