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iPhoto latest update for icloud rotated half my photos.

in the past 2 days i have installed lion, update my software and updated iphoto for icloud and installed ios5 on my iphone.
When i updated iphoto for icloud update almost half my photos got rotated either lef or right or even got up-side-down..
if this was 10, 100 or so pictures i will fix it manually… but i have many many photos and i have no idea how to fix them all, it will take me hours to fix that…
any easy way to jfix that rotation issue?

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    10 years ago

    I haven’t heard of anyone else having that issue.
    One guess would be that when you updated it took the built-in rotation data in the photos and used that instead of your changes. Or, perhaps it took your individual preferences for each photo and apply them in addition to the built-in rotation data that it may have ignored before.
    Hard to say, and it is beside the point.
    You are probably going to have to manually correct them as there’s no way for iPhoto to know which way a picture should be.

    10 years ago

    I have noticed something .. all the pictures there where taken vertically are set to horizontally. …. could there be a way to fix that?

      10 years ago

      Just select them in groups and rotate them. Command+R. Shouldn’t take that long.

    9 years ago

    I have the same issue, upgraded from SL to Lion, and a large number of my 10,000+ photoes are wronlgy rotaded… so it will take very long to manually rotate them. Also, the Faces selector appears to point to a different section, not a face… weird, any clues??

      9 years ago

      Have you tried rebuilding your library? Hold Command+Option down when starting iPhoto.

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