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Is It OK To Turn Off Sleep?

Gary, my Computer Sleep and Display Sleep are both set to 15 minutes and it’s annoying. Is it OK to turn off Sleep completely? The window that pops up says it uses more energy. Is that a problem since I leave my Mac Mini on all the time.

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    6 years ago

    Yes, certainly. I do it that way since my Mac Pro needs to be accessible to me all the time via remote file sharing and screen sharing. Not to mention iTunes serving up media to other devices.
    It naturally uses more energy, because your Mac will use less energy when it is sleeping. But if you have a reason to keep it from sleeping, like I do, then yes you do want to disable sleeping.
    I set my display sleep to 15 minutes as well, as the display isn’t needed unless you are actually sitting there and working with your Mac. The network stuff can all work fine without it.

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