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Is It Possible To Send iMovie Video To Apple TV?

I’ve made my Movie in iMovie using video and pics. I saved it to File and it plays back well. But,
I can’t get it into my Apple TV.

Also I have other video of M4V, MOV, AVI ….what do you suggest I do with these…they’re in a folder called “Movies.”
Pete Kroner

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    1 year ago

    You can do that using Home Sharing, provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network and both using the same Apple ID. First, put the video in to the TV app. Then go to System Preferences, Sharing turn on Media Sharing. Turn on Home Sharing under that.

    On Apple TV you go to Settings, Users and Accounts, Home Sharing and turn it on there. Then on the Home screen there is an app called Computers. Go into that and you should see your Mac’s TV library on your Apple TV. Then you can play the video from there.

    Naturally the format has to be compatible So I don’t think the AVI file will have a chance of working. So convert that. The others should work, but if not (MOV files can be pretty much anything) then convert them using QuickTime Player.

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