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Is It Safe To Use CD/DVD Cleaning Discs On a Mac?

I haven’t found anything on Apple’s website, and the opinions on other sites vary. My 2+ yr. old Mac Mini started having some problems reading DVDs and CDs. You can hear them spinning, then getting ejected. My guess is the CD lens is dirty.
Would it be safe to use a cleaning CD? One of those that have little brushes to clean the lens.

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    12 years ago

    I haven't seen one of those CD-cleaning CDs in years. Decades, actually. So I'm not sure.
    I would think that if your optical drive isn't working, that it could be some dust. But it is more likely something more serious than that.
    And I can see why people would warn against using those. They could scratch the lens in there.
    If it is dust, then some office dust cleaner (canned compressed air) might do the trick without actually touching anything.
    But either way, you will probably need to get it fixed or replaced.

    Brad Waller
    12 years ago

    I had the same problem a few months back and concluded it was the lens. I bought a cleaner disc and the problem went away. I can't say if it is approved by Apple, but if you have a choice between a dead optical drive and possibly causing damage trying to fix it, you have little to lose.

    This is the one I bought:

    One thing you can try first if you have it is compressed air (or the equivalent. Try a few blasts and see if that knocks the dust away from the lens before you get a cleaner disc.

    12 years ago

    Whatever you decide to do, Lex, let us know what happens...

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