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Is It Safe To Use PayPal To Sell To a Stranger?

I am selling a Nike card I do not need and have a few folks offering to buy through PayPal and not needing to have the physical card to use it. Is this safe?I know this is not Mac related, but could use some help/direction.
George h. Middleon

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    2 years ago

    I’m no expert on PayPal. I’d imagine the dangers are that they pay you and then complain to PayPal to get their money back after you give them the card number. Or, that they send you a fake “PayPal funds pending” email that looks official but is not real. Then you send them the card and you never get your money. That is a common type of scam.

    PayPal has this page which may apply to you:

    If you are using eBay, and they want to pay you with PayPal directly, outside of the eBay system, then I know that is a red flag too.

    I’d continue to search for more information. There are also legitimate websites that will buy your cards if you don’t want to deal with individuals.

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