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Is the iCloud Contacts a Mirror From the Contacts On My Mac Laptop?

Hello, I am a new Mac user coming from a Windows background. Recently I purchased a MacBook Pro to start my Apple journey.

After exploring my Mac, I noticed that when opening the contacts, I noticed that automatically I have a vCard for myself, so I added and filled few info inside it. (I added my birthday and nickname)

Now, when I opened the icloud website, log in, and open the contacts app from the web, the vCard appears but with no update of what I have added on the Mac app. It also shows a vCard of myself but different.

Is this normal? Or is there any sync button? It seems that the vCard on icloud is different than that of the Mac?

The reason why I’m asking this is because it seems that I have two vcards and when updating in icloud, it does not change on Mac and viceversa.

My brain says that the icloud should be a mirror of the contacts app in the Mac. Is that correct?
Toni Kanaan

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    2 years ago

    The Contacts app can access contacts from various sources: You local "On My Mac" contacts, iCloud, Google, Yahoo, etc.

    In Contacts, go to the View menu. Do you see "Show Groups" or "Hide Groups?" If you see "Show Groups" then select it.

    Now you should have a list on the left. You may see both iCloud and On My Mac. Select "All" under each one and you can clearly see which contacts are in which location.

    I make things simpler, only use contacts under iCloud. Then they will appear on all of your Apple devices and in on the web. If you keep contacts under On My Mac, it will get confusing.

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