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Is the iPad Safe For Online Shopping?

Hi. I’m starting to use my iPad more and more for general Internet browsing and surfing but usually switch to my MacBook for shopping online with the likes of eBay, Amazon, PayPal mad the like. I’d like to be able to use my iPad for online shopping if I new it was safe…, how safe is it? Is the built in security the same as a MacBook with regards to firewall etc? I always only buy from reputable sites and use 1password for my logins. Be grateful of some advice
Fin Maciver

Comments: 2 Responses to “Is the iPad Safe For Online Shopping?”

    12 years ago

    What is your concern? In what way do you think that the iPad would not be as safe for online shopping as a Mac or PC?
    There's really no difference.
    A firewall isn't something that really affects online shopping like that.
    I can't think of any security issues with using an iPad for shopping. In fact, many online shopping sites (like Amazon) have apps that you can use on the iPad that may offer more security than simply shopping with a web browser.

    12 years ago

    What's the difference amongst iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacAir, -- Mac-anything?
    Shop on! - like Gary, don't understand your concern...? A device that connects to the Internet is just that - a device. It's up to YOU to use it wisely.

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