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Is There a Way To Disable the Caps Lock Key Across All Applications?

I am a senior. I have this ongoing issue of my left hand hitting the caps lock key. In OS 9 days there was an “app” that disabled the key. Can one disable the caps lock key across all applications?. I try not to look at the screen when I am typing so I can end up writing a letter (email whatever) in all caps. How can I disable the caps lock key?

As I indicated above I try and not look at the screen so at times I can write an entire email in caps and when I do it takes a long time to retype the letter changing it to lower case.

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    3 years ago

    Yes. Just go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard, then look for the Modifier Keys... button. Click that and you can change the Caps Lock key to map to "No Action."


    John Willis
    3 years ago

    On a related topic. I have no hands! So I type with my right 'paw' (what I call my right stump). I find caps lock and sticky keys extremely useful, though good to know it can be turned off.
    But i am disappointed that the autocorrect for the 'i' has gone. Is there any way to change that? i would like not to have to press shift before every 'i'!

    3 years ago

    John: I can't think of why i wouldn't be autocorrecting to I for you. Check to make sure you didn't turn off Edit, Spelling and Grammar, Correct Spelling Automatically as that is a spelling correction, not a replacement.

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