Forum Question: iPod Touch plays music automatically

Recently, I found my ipod touch 3G 32G plays music automatically aperiodically. Is it the problem of hardware or software? Can it be replaced by a new one?

— Tenglong

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    7/30/10 @ 6:26 am

    I don’t know. I’ve never heard of a problem like that, nor have I experienced it on my iPhones. Does it happen when the Touch is already on (screen active)? Or can it happen when it is completely asleep (normally need to unlock the screen to start using it). Either way, you can take it into the Genius Bar to have it looked at if you like.

      7/30/10 @ 7:07 am

      Normally, it plays about 6 -12 hours after I pause the music and put it into sleep.
      What’s weird is that when I take it to the Genius Bar, they restore the system and it won’t happen again, but when I take it home and use it for like a week, the problem happens again. So there’s almost no way for me to convince them replace a new one for me. Based on your experience, do you think it’s a hardware problem or software problem?

        7/30/10 @ 7:15 am

        I can’t even speculate what the problem might be as I haven’t experienced it or heard of anyone else with the problem.

        But have you thought it could be the headphones? You can start and stop the iPod app with the button on some headphones. It is possible that faulty headphones could do this.

          7/30/10 @ 7:26 am

          I tried. But it still happens. I thought it’s a common problem since I googled it and saw lots of people face the same problem. It only happens on 3rd Generation 32G iTouch. What are the chances!!

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