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itunes account for a child

My daughter was so very excited to receive an itunes gift card for Christmas. However, when I tried to set up an account for her, I got an error message saying she didn’t meet the age requirement. (She is almost 12.) Is there a way to get her an account? I tried to set up an account for her using my birthdate but I received the same error message. She is using an ipod that was mine so the password for the ipod is known to me-I can check what she puts on the ipod so I’m not concerned about what she might download.
Laurie Weaver

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    9 years ago

    Probably best to just keep that iPod as “yours” and use your iTunes account, even though it is really hers. Just cash in the gift card on your account and let her pick out some content.
    Otherwise, I think you have to restart your Mac or do something if you want to try to set her up again but with a false age. I’ve heard some odd things about that age specification — about how to create a new account once you have already tried with the real age. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know for sure. But “restarting” is suggested, though I don’t know why that would matter.

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