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iTunes Gift Cards and Mac App Store

Lion is going to be released any day now, and so I was wondering if I could go out and buy an iTunes gift card and then use that to purchase OS X Lion from the App Store. So, is it possible to use iTunes gift cards in the Mac App Store?

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    10 years ago

    Yes. The account is the same — but I don’t know if there is any advantage to doing it that way. Why not just pay directly at the time of purchase?
    Oh, and I would set up your Mac App Store account first. “Buy” something free, like the Twitter app or something (or Gold Strike :)) to make sure you are all set.

    Dennis Koch
    10 years ago

    The advantage is: At least in my situation….if you get gift cards from Best Buy for Christmas, birthdays or whatever, you can redeem those for an iTunes gift card at Best Buy, then redeem them in your iTunes account. So when you finally purchase something from the App store the iTunes gift cards will pay for it. This would probably work at most any store that has itunes gift cards.

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