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I have a unique query for Itunes.
I have my usual Music tracks for which I have a Library and that is my personal collection of music.
Now a friend gave me a HARD DRIve of 150 GB of music close to 50,000 songs. I want this collection in my own Library but I would prefer my personal song library to be at the TOP (sorted by descending order of date… latest on Top) and the 150 GB collection starting after mine.
I know that if I import the 150 Gb songs in the same library, it will mix everything up.
I also thought i should create a Separate Library (by holding option key) but then both Collections would not be seen at the same time. So if I have a party and i need songs from both collections, i wont be able to see them. I want to be able to access both collections through my Iphone (REMOTE APP).
What do you think is the best way to tackle this scenario?
Cyrus Dubash

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    2/26/11 @ 9:36 am

    How about this: Set up two libraries. One with just your music. One with both. Set iTunes prefs so it does not move or organize your music for you. Store your .mp3 files where you want them, and then the libraries are just links to your .mp3 files, and don’t actually contain those files.
    See episode 372:

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