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iTunes Match – Restore Deleted Uploaded Songs?

I’ve been a subscriber of iTunes Match since it was very introduced. Until maybe a few months ago for those songs that I added to my iTunes library (e.g., ripped from CDs) but not purchased from iTunes, Apple would either match the song or tag it is uploaded. In either case if I were to delete a song (accidentally or intentionally) I would be prompted if I wanted to delete all instances or just the local copy. If I chose only the local copy I was able to (re)download the song from the cloud and in many cases the version provided was at a higher bitrate than my original. Recently I noticed this behavior has changed. Now if I delete a song – it is is deleted from all devices and I no longer have the option to re download. Did something change what iTunes Match or did I somehow inadvertently change a local configuration option? Thx in advance…
Carlos Rivera

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    3 years ago

    Fortunately, I also use iTunes Match, so I was able to test this out. Yes, I get the “will delete from all devices” if I hit the Delete key. But you can still do what you want by simply selecting Song, Remove Download. Or, Control+Click and select Remove Download.
    I actually like it this way better, as I can clearly indicate what I want to do, instead of using the same action for Deleting and Removing.
    Unfortunately, if you have already deleted the song from your iTunes Match library, you’ll probably need to add it back from the original source now.

    Carlos Rivera
    3 years ago

    Thank You… Thank You… THANK YOU!!! This was driving me crazy for awhile. Obviously Apple modified something but I don’t recall them ever sharing this work around / change. Nonetheless, I truly appreciate your help, knowledge and expertise. Keep up the excellent work!

    PS I just became a member of Club MacMost.

    3 years ago

    Awesome! Glad I could help.

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