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Itunes threatening to delete apps while syncing calendars

Hi Gary,
I’ve plugged in my iphone 4 and synced it. Now in Itunes, under the Info tab of the Iphone sidebar icon, when I click Sync Calendars, the greyed out ‘Sync’ button at the button changes to clickable Revert and Apply buttons; but once I click the sync calendars and pick 2 calendars to sync and click ‘Apply’ it pops up a window saying ‘Are you sure you want to remove 19 apps….’
What did I click wrong and how do I sync the calendars without deleting the apps?
And also, is there a way for the Iphone to speak out the caller’s name? If I’m on the earphones, listening to a song and a call comes in, I want to not have to pull it out and see the caller id, if that’s possible.

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    10 years ago

    It sounds like you synced the iPhone with another Mac or account, maybe? And now that you are syncing it with a new account it will put it in sync with that account — which doesn’t include those apps.
    There is no way to have the iPhone speak out names like that.

      10 years ago

      Actually there is.. The iPhone must be Jailbreaked for that!!!
      Jailbreak your device and search for CallTell tweak in Cydia.
      The Tweak does a lot more than just call out name of the caller.. :)

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