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Itunes threatening to delete apps while syncing calendars

Hi Gary,
I’ve plugged in my iphone 4 and synced it. Now in Itunes, under the Info tab of the Iphone sidebar icon, when I click Sync Calendars, the greyed out ‘Sync’ button at the button changes to clickable Revert and Apply buttons; but once I click the sync calendars and pick 2 calendars to sync and click ‘Apply’ it pops up a window saying ‘Are you sure you want to remove 19 apps….’
What did I click wrong and how do I sync the calendars without deleting the apps?
And also, is there a way for the Iphone to speak out the caller’s name? If I’m on the earphones, listening to a song and a call comes in, I want to not have to pull it out and see the caller id, if that’s possible.

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    9 years ago

    It sounds like you synced the iPhone with another Mac or account, maybe? And now that you are syncing it with a new account it will put it in sync with that account — which doesn’t include those apps.
    There is no way to have the iPhone speak out names like that.

      9 years ago

      Actually there is.. The iPhone must be Jailbreaked for that!!!
      Jailbreak your device and search for CallTell tweak in Cydia.
      The Tweak does a lot more than just call out name of the caller.. :)

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