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Gary & MacMosters (is that a word, even???)
Our Middle School Student Council has taken and posted several pictures of activities, with the intent of allowing parents and students to download and print as they want. We’re using a photo page template in iWeb.
However, when we posted the pictures, they show up, but there is no option to download; you can copy the link, but not the picture.
Is there a better template to use? or does iWeb have a setting that I’ve missed that will allow that from the photo album page?
Thanks. Happy holidays all.
Alan Buhler

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    11/25/10 @ 10:44 am

    I would avoid using iWeb completely. Instead, use the MobileMe photo galleries from iPhoto. They are easy to set up and you have extra features like the one you are looking for.

    James Marchini
    12/1/10 @ 1:58 am

    I’m a little confused by the answer, Gary… perhaps I don’t understand the question… but you CAN download photo’s using iWeb and a Photo Page Template. You click the photo you wish to download and the option is on the top right. I’m not sure about downloading all the photo’s in an album at once on an iWeb photo page… I made an automator action for this process but that requires a Mac. It’s true that with a Web Gallery you can download all the photo’s in an album with a single click so it may be the better option but downloading is certainly possible with iWeb.

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