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My wife’s site is It has been created with iWeb. If people access, for example, the 12/29 blog, in some cases the comments window opens and operates perfectly, in other cases the window displays with items simply listed vertically, unformatted, and slammed to the very left of the screen. When I attempt a comment with the latest Firefox, I get the bad result; when I use Safari, things work fine. Some failures are reported with Windows machines, some Windows machines work fine. Can you suggest an approach for troubleshooting and fixing this problem? Thanks.
John Russell

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    12/30/10 @ 10:26 pm

    I know this isn’t what you want to hear — because you already have put the work into a site and simply needed to fix a problem. But I wouldn’t recommend using iWeb to create any real web site. It is ok and fun for little personal sites. But it uses a very old-fashioned method of making sites (build them locally and then upload the whole thing). This is why there are no iWeb tutorials at MacMost.
    Modern sites are created with CMS (content management systems) like WordPress and the like. They are cheap and easy to set up — you can often get a cheap hosting package that includes a CMS already in place. You just select a theme and create pages and posts.
    I suspect that your problem lies in the fact that iWeb’s pages rely heavily on pretty complex HTML, CSS and scripting that are geared toward Safari, naturally. I’m sure they try to make sure the code works on all browsers, but it sounds like they have fallen short. Trying to fix it would mean digging into the code. An expert web coder might be able to help.
    Sorry I don’t have something better to say about the issue.

      1/7/11 @ 5:33 pm

      I disagree and to prove that, you can go to my commercial web site designed
      for renting apartments at Yes I created all of this site with Iweb.
      The video in the site was created using exclusively Imovie.
      And to go 1 step further, in order for the site to be read by the majority of browser out there including IE 8, all that is seen are gif files including the text.
      IE 8 does not read MAC text so I snap-shot all text boxes to the desktop and
      copied them back onto the web site. It may be work but it feels good to beat
      Internet Explorer at their own game!
      And Gary, this may be of a good tip for those that have difficulty with this
      problem. It did take me a while to figure out. But when commissioned by my
      boss to do this web site who is too old fashion to not use anything other than IE 8, I needed to figure this out

    1/2/11 @ 7:58 am

    Hey Gary, I`ve been thinking about deleting the iweb application from my MacBook Pro because I will never be a MobileMe subscriber and iweb takes up 546.2MB on my hard drive. Is there any down side of doing this and will I have any adverse effects ? After all I can always upload it again via my Snow Leopard disc, right ?

      1/2/11 @ 9:17 am

      I wouldn’t do it. You never know when you might want to play with it. I don’t know what drive you have, but even a small 250GB drive means that 500MB is only 0.2% of the drive.

        3/5/11 @ 10:32 am

        Thanks Gary, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve
        never used MobilMe and don’t intend to. Yet it
        works without MobileMe and my web site made by Iweb and IMovie is proof of that. NOTE: If you have a domain name you can publish any web site and video without the use of mobilMe. Of course you need a domaine name which can be purchased at a very low price. This allows you to be able to publish any web site within the limits of internet standards without using MobilMe.

        I highly recommend Apple’s one to one program to learn how to use Iweb as well as any other application available on MAC computers. I’m over 70
        years old, have owned computers over 25 years and
        this is my 3rd year in the one to one program.
        The things that MAC computers do is almost endless
        and I enjoy knowing all capabilities and techniques available to me. The cost of a private tutor could be 5 times then the cost of the one to one program.
        So I highly recommend one to one for any user of MAC computer. I joke with my instructors telling them “I’m going for my Masters Degree”.
        GO FOR IT !!

      7/20/11 @ 6:50 pm

      You don’t need to use Mobil Me. When proceeding to publish use the drop down menu where you see Mobil Me, and you can choose to publish to FTP or local folder.
      FTP = uploads to your domain
      Local folder = uploads to a created folder on your desktop. When opening you web site within this folder it actually opens in Safari for you to review on their browser before actually uploading it to the internet. If you like you may go to a web site I created for the internet. You can also review my article to Gary above.


        7/20/11 @ 6:52 pm


        OOOPS. Forgot to give you my web site which is chelhoff,com


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