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I am a volunteer bookkeeper for a small newspaper. I use the latest Mac version of Quick Books. Will it work with Lion? I don’t want to loose any data. I love macmost thanks
Martha Chase

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    7/22/11 @ 8:54 am

    I believe so. It is Quicken 2007, not QuickBooks that everyone is complaining about. The issue is it is PowerPC only. So if the version of QuickBooks you are using is built for Intel processors, then you should be OK.
    But the thing to do is to check with Intuit.

      Martha Chase
      7/22/11 @ 11:40 am

      Thank you and I will check with Intuit.

      Dave Blake
      7/24/11 @ 3:27 pm

      I have heard from people in the states that quickbooks for mac 2010 is not compatible with lion and you are required to upgrade to 2011. I can not totally verify this as i don’t think they make a UK version for mac anyway. Hope this helps

        7/24/11 @ 5:01 pm

        Don’t worry about what “people” say. What does the developer say? Has Intuit said whether it works on Lion?
        Perhaps you are hearing more about Quicken 2007 (people confuse Quicken and QuickBooks sometimes).
        As a note, I have QuickBooks Pro 2007 for Mac and it runs in Lion. I don’t know if “QuickBooks” is different than “QuickBooks Pro” — I thought all the Mac versions had “pro” in the name. But if they are the same, and 2007 works, then I’m sure 2010 would work too.

          Shelley Blackler
          9/20/11 @ 7:36 am

          QB Pro 2007 will work in Lion if you can get it to open: there is a ‘registration’ process that is preventing me from using in on my new MBAir. If I can locate the .plist file I should be able to get it to open it 15 times before the same thing happens again. Unfortunately, I can’t find the .plist now and QB won’t open at all! I’m not upgrading to 2011; I’d rather find another company that actually likes Mac users!

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