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Hey Gary my wife is doing a small photography business. Can you suggest of tell me where I can find and good bookkeeping software for the mac?

— Michael

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    7/18/10 @ 12:03 pm

    Well, I can’t really make a recommendation. I’m familiar with two: QuickBooks and MYOB FirstEdge. I use QuickBooks and don’t like it. My wife uses FirstEdge and doesn’t like it. But years ago they seemed like the only choices. And they cost enough that we’re not going to drop them for something else (or upgrade them, either).
    An online service seems to be the best way to go for something like this, but most online services are for personal finances, not small business. Quickbooks online might be worth a look now it is works for Safari on the Mac. But my dislike of Quickbooks keeps me away from giving them more of my money.
    Sorry I can’t be of my help on this one.

    Chris Wanja
    7/18/10 @ 12:08 pm

    Depending on how big “small” is, I suggest using QuickBooks Online for billing. There is no additional application and everything is focused around the online entry form. I am part of a small business, outsourced IT firm. We use it and love it.

    7/18/10 @ 7:17 pm

    Hey thanks for your suggestions but I came across a application called TinyBooks. It is great and just what she needed. It does all the Bookkeeping that she needs. If you know anyone with a small business it worth a look.

    7/18/10 @ 7:50 pm

    Gary give TinyBooks a try and let me know if you like. It’s free for 15 days. Ia am following you on Twitter maybe if you like you can tweet it. Hope to hear from you.

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