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I got the MacBrook Pro a couple months ago and am unsure what to do when it comes to knowing what to do with the battery. Should I leave it plugged in while I’m using it, even it if has a full battery? How often should I let the battery drain to almost nothing? And lastly, how often, or when, should I shut it down, if necessary at all? I know it’s a lot to answer so thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me!

— Matt

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    12/10/09 @ 8:57 pm

    Use it as you would naturally without worrying about the battery. Keep it plugged in when you are working near a plug, use the battery when you are not. There is a lot of intelligence built into the battery and Mac OS X to handle keeping the battery running well while you use it as you need.
    Some say it is good to drain the battery once a month or so, but I don’t think it makes as much of a difference as many people think.
    You don’t need to even shut down your Mac — use sleep instead unless you won’t be using it for a long time (several days).
    Here are some videos to check out:

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