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Macbook Pro camera remotely operated

I am concerned that someone can turn on my camera on my Macbook without me knowing. Is that possible?
How do I know if the camera is in operation?
Jim Moore

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    9 years ago

    There is a green light next to the camera if it is on. Use Photo Booth and you’ll see it come on.
    It would be extremely difficult for someone to use the camera remotely. I suppose someone could break into your house, install software on your Mac, then that software could activate and record you and send the recording somewhere. But if they were going to go to the trouble of breaking into your house they might as well install a separate camera instead of relying on your MacBook.
    I also suppose if you gave your admin password to someone and they knew the IP address of your Mac, and you had the correct ports mapped on your router, and you had screen sharing enabled — then they could log in to your Mac, launch Photo Booth or something like it, and turn on the camera. But you would see that all happening on your screen.
    So the shorter answer is, simply: no.

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