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MacDefender Anti Virus

Hey Gary, my wife got scammed into installing that Mac Defender (I wanted to strangle her lol). All she did was download it and installed it on the system. She did not pay or give any CC info. I immediately “nuked and paved the HD and reinstalled OS (I know probably over doing it) but I rather be safe than sorry! What do you know about this “Trojan”? I was told as long as you did not buy or provide a CC info it’s ok? Is this true? Any explanation would be appreciated.

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    10 years ago

    From what I have read, it is OK as long as you didn’t fall for the scam of providing your CC number.
    All you need to do to remove it is to delete the Application from your applications folder. Delete the installer from your downloads folder. Delete any entry it may have added to your System Preferences, Accounts, login items.
    It is just a trojan horse scam to get your credit card number. It doesn’t affect your data or try to spread itself.

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