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I am having some difficulties with my mail application. I am currently running my gmail account and my purdue mail account through it. I try to delete an email that I have read and no longer need. It disappears. Then if I leave the inbox portion of mail or close the mail window and open it back up, the messages that I had previously deleted reappear in my inbox. It is frustrating because I cannot completely delete an email, and the emails are starting to pile up and become overwhelming. I hope you can help.

Thank You

— Matt

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    9/10/10 @ 12:58 pm

    I’m a how-to guy, not a fix-it guy, but I’ll try to help.
    Which account is having the trouble? Gmail or the ISP one?
    Are they set up as IMAP or POP? If POP, change them to IMAP.
    Have you checked through the account settings to make sure you don’t have something checked that will cause this to happen. Look over each setting in the account carefully in Mail.
    Are you near an Apple Store? Make an appointment at the Genius Bar — it is difficult to help without “being there.”

    9/10/10 @ 1:16 pm

    It is the ISP one. It is set up as IMAP. There are no settings that I can find that could cause this.

      9/10/10 @ 1:45 pm

      Maybe a setting on the ISP side? Something you can do when you log into your admin control panel or some such there? If it is Purdue, then they should have an IT dept. and help desk where you can ask.

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