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Mail Is Sending My “Bcc To Myself” Copies To My Junk Mailbox

In Mail, for no apparent reason, my “Bcc to myself” copies have started going to my Junk mail instead of the Inbox. Incoming mail goes to the inbox OK. Having tried to check mailbox configurations I may have upset the earlier correct settings. Can you point out key settings that I may have overlooked here, please? I don’t get any error messages.
Thank you very much.
Mac mid-2011, OS High Sierra, 10.13.6, Mail v 11.5, (3445.9.1)
Robin Oram

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    2 years ago

    First, do you have Junk Mail Filtering turned on in Mail, Preferences, Junk Mail? If so, turn that off as it is pretty useless today and is only maybe somewhat useful if you are using old ISP email. Since you are using iCloud, then I wouldn’t have that turned on.

    If that is not the case, then when you look at a message like this in your Junk mailbox, does it have a yellow strip at the top with “Mail thinks this is Junk Mail” at the top? Is there a Not Junk button there too. If so, click that and see if it helps.

    Otherwise, is your own email address in your Contacts? If not, add a card for yourself and make sure your iCloud email address is listed there.

    Robin Oram
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Gary, for the prompt and helpful reply. It was the first item that caused the trouble. With kind regards.

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