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MobileMe, Mac Mail Inbox

I have my Mac Mail set to remove messages from the server upon downloading to the MAc only (not the iphone ever). Is there anyway to make my MAC Inbox, part of MOBILE ME.
Another words, have my inbox show u on my iphone Mobile Me account?
I have all subfolders with messages in there, all categorized under mobile me. Just wondering about ones i havent filed yet being accessible from iphone inbox after download from server.

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    9 years ago

    You can create folders in the MobileMe web interface and then you should see them reflected on your Mac in Mail an on your iPhone. But I’m not sure about what happens if you create folders insider your inbox in Mail on your Mac. Since you can’t do that in the web interface, probably not. Try creating them as normal folder in the MobileMe web interface and see if that works.
    In cases like this you need to experiment to set things up like you want in a way that works with each of the interfaces that you use. There’s a lot of flexibility there, but there are even more ways in which people come up with that works best for them.

      9 years ago

      Meaning, when i downoad the message to my mbp, t leaves the server. Then i leave that message in the inbox of MBP and dont sort it quite yet.
      How can i access that message stored in my mac inbox (not my inbox) on my iphone mobile me folders.

        9 years ago

        If you see a message in your MBP’s inbox, it should also be present in your iPhone’s inbox as well. That’s assuming that the email account you are using is a MobileMe account, of course. Using a MobileMe account in Mail on your MBP and the Mail app on your iPhone should mean they are both in sync with the MobileMe mail server and both show the same things in the inbox and other mailboxes.
        But it sounds like maybe you are not using a MobileMe account? If so, then you can’t use MobileMe to view the email — you would set it up as an IMAP account on both the MBP and the iPhone to get the same “everything syncs with the server” result. If you use POP instead of IMAP, then you may get a problem like you describe.

    9 years ago

    I am not sure if I understand what you wanting to do but I have MobileMe and MobileMe is IMAP and if I create folders or smart folders in it reflects back to the MobileMe web interface.

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