Forum Question: MobileMe Can Sync Notes, Mac To iPhone, but Not iPhone To Mac??

I have the new iPhone 4S and I am setting it up. MobileMe seems to work fine with Cal, Bookmarks, and Contacts BUT with Notes it will only sync Mac to iPhone, BUT NOT iPhone to Mac. I do have Sync Notes turned ON, on the iPhone 4S. I also looked in Mail and scanning Mail’s Preferences I don’t think I am missing something. I didn’t check off Notes in Inbox as I like Notes in their own section. What could be causing it to sync only 1-way? Thanks!

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    11/3/11 @ 6:00 pm

    Really hard to say without being there and checking all of your settings. Look in your MobileMe Mail settings on your iPhone carefully. Also check your MobileMe settings on your Mac.

    11/4/11 @ 3:13 am

    Last week I did software update to my iPhone 4 & Mac Book Pro. Now when I do syncronization, it syncronize from Mac Book to iPhone but doesnot syncronize vice versa. Why?

      11/4/11 @ 6:48 am

      It should. As long as you are using your iCloud account for things like bookmarks, notes and calendar events, it should synchronize automatically without needing to connect them.

    11/4/11 @ 3:13 am

    What is icloud. After software up date there is no Mobile Me only icloud. Which is better & why?

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